Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball Soccer, Bubble Ball or Bubble Football depending on where you live; is Canada’s latest and fastest growing sport. With its origins rooted in Norway, Bubble Soccer has rapidly expanded through Europe, and has now arrived in North America. Bubble Soccer uses the latest safety technology in a contact sport, allowing participants to dawn what is essentially a protective suit of air condensed into a plastic bubble suit, or as some call it a soccer bubble. It combines this bubble suit with the regular game of soccer, allowing for full contact while still protecting participants in their bubble suit. The objectives of the game are the same; run shoot and score, only now the added dimension of contact has players on their feet and alert.

Yes! Bubble Soccer is safe and Canadian Bubble Soccer takes pride in providing participants with the latest, and safest in Bubble Suit Technology. While playing the game of Bubble Soccer, participants are provided with a Canadian Bubble Soccer bubble suit which they will be required to wear throughout each game.  During play, participants are likely to make contact with other bubble soccer players, however our state of the art Bubble Suits will ensure players are well protected. Like any sport there is always the risk of injury, but by following the rules laid forth by Canadian Bubble Soccer and participating with integrity, we will make your experience as fun and as safe as possible!

The bubble suits are what keeps players safe! Each Bubble Suit consists of an outer sphere made of durable TPU plastic, and a suspended inner sphere, connected by ropes to absorb impacts from contact. The inner sphere of each bubble suit is where players will be protected and encased while playing the game. Each Bubble Suit will also come equipped with a shoulder harness on the back, in which players will be strapped into, as well as padded handles on the front for players to hold onto in order to maintain control during play.

Bubble Soccer is a unique game that can be played by both male and female players of pretty well any age group. You do not need prior soccer experience to play. However we do not recommend that anyone with severe physical injuries, or anyone with a history of back problems take part in bubble soccer. Pregnant women are not allowed to play.

It is recommended that players should wear sporting attire, similar to what you may wear to a gym.

Click here to start the online process.  We will assist you every step of the way. Each player is required to sign a waiver before participating in a game of Bubble Soccer. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have permission from a parent or guardian, and will also need them to sign the official waiver and release of liability before participating. Click here to download and print our waiver now, this will help in getting started faster. For any further questions feel free to contact us.

In order to play Bubble Soccer comfortabley we reccomend a waistline of no more than 45 inches, and a maximum weight of no more than 280lbs. This is only do to the fact that our bubble suits, while being 1.5m in diameter, do not have an inner encloser large enough to exceed these dimensions. Height is not as big of a deal, as the Bubble Suits are equipped with a back harness meant to support players of almost any size. There is however a height requirement of at least 4ft 10in so that players are able to run freely while inside the bubble suit.

Like any sport players can get hot while engaging in physical activities, Bubble Soccer is no different in this regards. Be sure to bring water and stay hydrated throughout the course of your game.  We also reccomend players bring a towel if they wish to dry of between periods or after a game. The referee will ensure that there is ample time for water breaks in between scrimmages.

While engaging in any physical activity, there is always a risk of suffering an injury. With that being said however, bubble soccer does not represent a higher risk of being injured. By following the rules laid forth by Canadian Bubble Soccer and listening to the referee, you are less likely to sustain any type of injury. Canadian Bubble Soccer also takes pride in providing players with the latest in Bubble Suit Technology, as our bubble suits have been designed with safety in mind.

While fully inflated the bubble weighs roughly 20lbs. There is a back harness and handles on the front to help distribute the weight while playing.

No. Our experienced staff will help guide you on how to safely enter and exit a Bubble Suit before starting any game.

Yes. The Bubble Suits are well maintained and cleaned after every use. Hygiene is of the upmost importance to us. We will also provide you  with cleaning solution and towels if you plan to share bubble suits within your party. We also reccomend bringing your own towel if you prefer to use it instead.

In order to play, you must be at least 13 years old with the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. The minimum height required to play is 4ft 10in, this is in order to be able to run while inside of a bubble suit.

Yes! Bubble Soccer can be played by anyone. It is entirely up to you and your group.

You have an entire hour to get set up and enjoy each session, we normally recommend periods of 5 minutes to ensure that players have time to stay hydrated between periods.

During game play there is a maximum of 10 players which can play at one time, creating a 5 on 5 game. This is to ensure there is enough space to move around freely and safely, while maximizing fun! We also highly recommend having at least 6 players when booking a session in order support games of at least 3 on 3. Groups of 15 are perfect for supporting tournament style game play, where each team will consist of 5 players per side allowing for one team of 5 to substitute between games.