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Canadian Bubble Soccer Birthday Party Packages

Birthday Party Booking

Send a request for booking for your next birthday party package with us by filling out our request our on page form. Sometimes coming up with a unique kids birthday party ideas is difficult, Canadian Bubble Soccer has you covered. We guarantee the most awesome kids birthday party experience, our staff facilitate the entire event, letting parents sit back and enjoy the fun.

Available for all ages

Canadian Bubble Soccer provides the ultimate birthday party for all children aged 6 years old and up! Our equipment is sized to fit, offering all participants a comfortable size of bubble suit as per their age group!


We have brand new equipment sized for kids aged 6-12 years old. Each player is harnessed into a giant inflatable bubble, keeping everyone safe and secure. Our staff are trained to run each event with extra care, we will ensure everyone plays fair and give safety and rules to all participants at the beginning of each event.

What to expect?

The main event (bubble soccer) runs for one hour. Our staff will show up before the event start time and get everything setup for your party. At the event start time we go over the rules and safety with all the players. We wrap up each birthday party with a team party photo that will be sent to you after the event. Party room rentals are a great optional extra for extending the party, feeding your guests with pizza, cake and more!

Games Played

To keep things fun during the event we offer a variety of games outside of traditional bubble soccer. Our staff will mix things up as we go, switching between Bubble Soccer, Octopus tag, King’s & Queen’s, Rolling Races and other fun games that can only be enjoyed inside a giant inflatable bubble!

Party Sizes

We recommend a party sizes of 15-20 players, this works best for everyone participating, giving players time to take breaks, hydrate and enjoy the show between games. Minimum recommended party size is 10 players and maximum party size is 25 players.

Party Room Rentals

We offer party room rentals after each event for 1 hour (additional cost), you can bring your own food and cake, order in pizza and celebrate your next birthday party booking at one location and with ease!


The cost of each event is unique to the options you pick. We charge a set rate of $299.99 + Venue Rental. The cost of venue rental varies per location. If you have a location in mind let us know, you even have the option to book a local location of your own and have us show up (pending our approval of facility). Note post game party room rentals come at an additional charge and vary per location. Get in touch by filling out our on page form and one of our staff will be happy to price out your next Canadian Bubble Soccer Birthday Party!


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