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We measure our success on your experience. Book your next bubble soccer event with Canadian Bubble Soccer. We work hard to make sure you and your group have the ultimate Canadian Bubble Soccer experience!

Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball, Bubble Ball Soccer, Bubble Football – Whatever you know it as, we offer the best in full service Bubble Soccer Events! Canadian Bubble Soccer uses only the best Bubble Soccer Equipment / Bubble Balls, along with the ultimate service from our experienced professionals.

Our NEW online booking service allows you to book and pay for your event online with ease. We think it is important that you only worry about showing up, we will take care of the rest for you!

We offer multiple options for you next event, visit our booking page for more information.


Let our experienced staff take care of your next Bubble Soccer event. We have one goal, to ensure that you and your group have the best Canadian Bubble Soccer experience. Book your event online and we will do the rest!


Our experienced staff is trained to take care of your next event. For each event our staff will be on hand to guide your group in everything you will need to know. We will help you get setup in your bubble suits, as well as explain to your group on how to play the game safely. Throughout the game our staff will help to keep things rolling and assist your group in whatever way possible!

What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball Soccer, Bubble Ball or Bubble Football depending on where you live; is Canada’s latest and fastest growing sport. With its origins rooted in Norway, Bubble Soccer has rapidly expanded through Europe, and has now arrived in North America. Bubble Soccer uses the latest safety technology in a contact sport…

Is Bubble Soccer Safe?

Yes! Bubble Soccer is safe and Canadian Bubble Soccer takes pride in providing participants with the latest, and safest in Bubble Suit Technology

…see our full list of FAQ here

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Visit our Facebook page Canadian Bubble Soccer, for more on us. Be sure to check back after your event for photos, and please feel free to tag your friends.

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Catch us on Twitter @CANBubbleSoccer, and use the Hashtag #CanadianBubbleSoccer to live tweet at our events.

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Check out our YouTube channel, Canadian Bubble Soccer, for our most outrageous and hilarious videos. They are sure to show you how much fun bubble soccer is. Stay tuned for new uploads!

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